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Quaker Information Center
If you are interested in travel opportunities, the Quaker Information Center's Web page has volunteer, service, work camp, and internship opportunities at http://www.afsc.org/qic.htm The site contains more than 300 listings. Most of them, though, do not pay a salary or stipend.

U. Can Travel
This resource for students provides information and links on work, volunteer opportunities, study, and tourism, both nationally and internationally. It also has a variety of travel resources. This site is dedicated to sharing reasonable, affordable, and creative travel options, especially through working or studying.

University of California at Irvine’s International Opportunities Program
While a great deal of information on this Web site is specific to certain colleges (particularly UCI), it provides links and contact information for a wide variety of internship, work, volunteer, and study abroad opportunities.

The International Student Travel Confederation
A nonprofit confederation of travel organizations around the world develops, promotes, and facilitates travel among young people and students. ISTC includes help with information about travel (including flights), identity cards, travel insurance, and work exchange programs.

UNESCO publishes Study Abroad.
The latest version contains over 2600 entries on post-secondary education and training in 129 countries and territories. It includes information on deadlines and requirements, scholarships and financial assistance, courses, training programs, student employment possibilities, and other opportunities.

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