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CHOICES Screen Shot

Young People, the Military and Alternatives That Can Make a Difference

Computer software which educates young people about the realities of military enlistment, and presents alternatives for skills training, community service and college financial aid. Now available free via the Internet!

CHOICES (version1.02c) is an interactive multimedia program designed to help teenagers explore their options when they are ready to leave high school. Topics covered include:

  • Facts you should know about military life before you enlist.

  • Counseling resources: Organizations that can help people who change their minds after enlisting.

  • Where to find out about non-military college financial aid.

  • Careers in peacemaking and social change: How to develop skills while making a difference in the world, including a list of organizations offering paid and volunteer opportunities.

  • Images/sounds from past movements for social change which have had a lasting effect on our society.

The examples of past movements for social change (labor, anti-war, suffrage, civil rights and ecology) are illustrated with music and historical photographs and include references for further reading.

This program is ideal for high school career centers, classrooms, youth groups and libraries.

Community organizers seeking to counter the presence of military recruiters in schools are permitted to duplicate and distribute it locally (postcard registration is required). The program is being made available free via the Internet with assistance from the Institute for Global Communications (http://www.igc.org). (The program is also available from Project YANO on disk, along with a small poster, for a $5 materials/shipping fee.)

To download CHOICES (2.9 MB), type the following address in your browser's URL field: ftp://ftp.igc.apc.org/pub/Choices/chcs1w3.exe

Minimum system requirements: Windows 3.x or higher; 486-25 MHz (40 MHz or faster recommended); 256-color monitor; mouse; 8 MB RAM; 4.1 MB free hard disk space; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card needed for sound effects & music (not required to run program).

CHOICES was produced by the Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities, with support from the HKH Foundation, A.J. Muste Memorial Institute and Chace Fund.

To order the program on two 3-1/2" floppy disks, send $5 to:

Project YANO
P.O. Box 230157, Encinitas, CA 92023
phone 760-753-7518
e-mail: ProjYANO@aol.com.

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