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Organizations that help service members

Are you at the end of your rope?
Military bureaucracy tying you in knots?

  • Are you being harassed or abused?
  • Are you being discriminated against?
  • Want to get out of the military?
  • Want to resist being deployed?
  • Are you a Conscientious Objector?



A new, free and confidential
GI Rights Hotline

Call us for free and confidential information or legal referral. If you are in the military, or know someone who is, pass the word (and the number) around. You have the right to know.

We might be able to help you out of a knotty situation.

A service of the GI Rights Network
phone: 1-800-394-9544

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Alternatives to the Military
Dealing with the Draft
Recruitment and Enlistment

US Military Around the Globe

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More information affecting members of the armed services

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