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Junior ROTC: Making Soldiers in the Public Schools
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Alternatives to the Military
Child Soldiers
Recruitment and Enlistment
Student Rights

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The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a US military-run program for high school students. It is taught by retired military personnel in thousands of high schools. (Expanded versions, called academies, are in dozens of schools.) JROTC programs are three or four years long and involve classroom work (from a military curriculum) as well as drill or marching. Students who are in JROTC are not in the military and are not obligated to join the military, although they do wear military uniforms (usually once a week) to school. Many educators, parents, and others are working to challenge these programs, believing that this type of training is not appropriate for or effective in our public schools.

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JROTC Academies

Community Opposition to JROTC

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