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종교 탐방


Every Sunday morning Guildford Friends worship in the 200 year old, wood-panelled meeting house. The picture above is not of my own meeting but comes from the magazine Quaker Monthly and illustrates Sunday Meeting at Worcester, England.

This is not "worship" in the sense that other churches worship. We sit in silent waiting for an hour. Occasionally somebody will stand up and minister for a short time, as the Spirit leads them. Such ministry is followed by more silence while we try to discern what the Spirit is saying to us in what was said. At the end of the hour we hear the town hall clock strike twelve, two "elders" shake hands and the meeting is over. Just a few notices and then trays of tea are brought in and we chat for half an hour or so.

Quaker worship nourishes in places nothing else can reach. When the hour begins we find ourselves luxuriating in a sense of "my time with God", an pool of undisturbed calm. By the end of the hour, our thoughts have been centred on God and we leave Meeting with a renewed sense of purpose and direction in our lives.

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