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The Religious Society of Friends

Webmaster's Note: This Page wass taken from The Religious Society of Friends( Homepage and rearranged for the better view. You can take the newest updates from the RSF Pages. (이 페이지의 자료는 The Religious Society of Friends(일명: 종교적 친우회)에서 가져왔으며, 시각적으로 재구성한 것입니다.온 것입니다. 최신 자료는 해당 홈페이지를 참고하시기 바랍니다.)
Navigating this web site: Entries are not in alphabetal order but instead age order. New entries are added to the bottom of each section. Use the search function of your browser to locate entries.


Introductory Items

Quaker Organizations

Categories of organizations

The big three umbrella organizations

Friends and Nature

Quaker Meetings

A more or less comprehensive listing of Yearly, Monthly and Quarterly Meetings organized by location of meetinghouse. An even more comprehensive listing of Western US Meetings.

Quaker Nursing/Retirement Homes

Historical Quaker Meetinghouses

Some of these are still active meetinghouses; some not. All are much, much older than I.

Writings of Historical Friends

Writings of (or about) Contemporaneous Friends

Anti-war sites

Quaker History

Quaker Genealogy

Links to other sites

Young Friends


Quakers from A to Z (but not X)

Ask for a listing here.
The listing is only available for non-bulk email use. If you agree not to use it to send mail to everyone on the list, you can see the list.

Quaker-run businesses

Computer Businesses


Health Practitioners


Performing Artists and Musicians

Visual Artists

Publishers & Bookstores

QUIP is a consortium of Quaker Publishers. Bookstores have their own page.

Other Businesses

Quaker links totally (but totally) unrelated to the RSOF

Quaker Oats Gets Its Own Section

Quaker-named sites without a clue


Mailing lists

  • Quaker-L-moderated. Send a message saying "subscribe Quaker-L Bill Clinton" -- if your name is Bill Clinton.
  • Quaker-Canadian. Send a message saying "subscribe Quaker-C Bill Clinton" -- if your name is Bill Clinton.
  • Quaker-P-peace-n-justice concerns. Send a message saying "subscribe Quaker-P Bill Clinton" -- if your name is Bill Clinton.
  • FCNL-News-FCNL Alerts. Send a message saying "subscribe FCNL-News".
  • Friends-Church-evangelical. Send a message saying "subscribe Friends-Church".
  • Quaker-Spectrum-unmoderated. Send a message saying "subscribe quaker-spectrum".
  • Quaker-B-British Yearly Meeting. Send a message saying "subscribe Quaker-B Bill Clinton" -- if your name is Bill Clinton.
  • Q-LIGHT-Queer Quaker Page/List
  • Quaker-Roots, a list for Quaker genealogists. Send a message saying "sub quaker-roots".
  • Friends-Theology This conference was designed for evangelical, Christ centered Friends to discuss theology and biblical interpretation with each other. Those interested in a discussion focusing more on the practical side of ministry as well as current topics in the Friends church might wish to subscribe to For further questions, please contact Bill Kelley.
  • BYM-News-news for and about members of Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM). Send a message to subscribe.
  • "EFM-MEN is the email conference for EFM MEN. EFM MEN was created to encourage men to become involved in the world ministries of the Evangelical Friends International. Men are motivated to seek practical and direct involvement, using their skills and abilities to assist and support missions. The principal work will be to raise mission awareness through existing yearly meeting structures for men, bringing national recognition to mission efforts arising from those yearly meetings. This will be done through work crusades, prayer journeys and innovative stateside projects." The list also welcomes interested men who are not members of EFI meetings.

    To subscribe, send the message



  • FCUN

    FCUN was created "for Friends (and friends of Friends) of the environmental persuasion." It discusses the Friends Committee on Unity with Nature (FCUN) and other environmentally-related topics. This list does not offer a digest option. Began July 31, 1997.

    To subscribe, send the message

    Subscribe YourE-mailAddress



    This is a list to facilitate communication among those interested in Quaker volunteer service, training and witness.

    To subscribe, send the message

    subscribe qvstc Yourfirstname Yourlastname


  • Friends Council on Education To subscribe, send an e-mail message with your name and relation to Quaker education


  • Michigan Quaker Teens

    We're a small group largely based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with members from all around lower michigan (namely Troy, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and the Traverse city area). We hold quarterly retreats and we run a mailing list. To subscribe to the list send an empty message to

  • Quaker Books For Friends

    Quaker Books for Friends is distributed free of charge as an independent monthly newsletter featuring eclectic reviews of books of interest to Christian Friends. Each issue features two or more contemplative reviews of books for enlightened Christian readers. The newsletter has no commercial connection with any bookstore or publisher, and the mailing list is unpublished and carefully-supervised.

    To subscribe to this free monthly newsletter, go to or send e-mail to with "Subscribe to Quaker Books" in the Subject and your first and last name in the body of the e-mail. The Internet hostsite is at

  • Young Adult Quakers.

    To subscribe, send a blank email to or visit the website at:

  • ERAF -- Ending Racism Among Friends

    The ERAF list provides on-line networking for Friends with a concern for issues of race, diversity, inclusiveness and privilege, especially as they play out in the Society of Friends. It is one of several activities to follow up on the April 1999 Friends Gathering with a Concern for Issues of Racism, Diversity and Inclusiveness.

    To subscribe, send a blank email to

  • Quaker Homeschooling Circle. For Friends who homeschool or are thinking about or who are fellow travelers. Go to to subscribe to "quakerhomeschool".
  • Canadian Quaker Youth -- This list is focused on Canadian young and young adult Friends. We hope to use it to help (A)YFs keep in touch and to provide a way of letting (A)YFs know about service opportunities, retreats etc.

    To subscribe, send a blank email to or visit the website at:


  • Ken Sutton, of Friends Journal, Friends Journal pages
  • Randy Oftedahl, FCADP pages
  • Dick Bellin, FCRP pages
  • Simon Grant, FWCC pages
  • Chuck Fager, various writings including the Pendle Hill pages
  • Chris Faatz, QUF and Lucretia Mott pages
  • Reuben Snipper, William Penn House page
  • the late David Washburn, Pirates of Penn's-ance page
  • Alice Drewery, YFGM pages
  • Jennifer Snow Wolff, Quaker-run business reorganization
  • ...and anyone else I may have missed

Please email suggestions and contributions. Quakerism is a multifarious religion. Everything on these pages should be considered representative of some but not all Quaker thought. Free web space is available on this server for any meeting-sponsored Quaker activity.
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