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종교 탐방

Christian Catholic Church

크리스천 가톨릭 교회

Christian Catholic Church, conservative American Christian sect founded in Chicago in 1896 by John Alexander Dowie. A Congregational minister from Australia, Dowie became interested in faith healing and established a tabernacle and "healing rooms" in Chicago, where he attracted a large following. With many of his followers Dowie established an exclusive Christian community in nearby Zion, Ill., a city that he planned and that was settled in 1901. Business and industry were controlled by church officials, with Dowie as general overseer. Financial difficulties led to his being deposed in 1906, and he was succeeded by Wilbur Glenn Voliva. The church remained strong in Zion, but the city eventually welcomed other businesses and churches. 기독 카톨릭교, 존 알렉산더 도이가 1896년 시카고에 세운 보수적인 그리스도교 종파이다. 오스트레일리아 출신의 회중교회 목사인 도이는 믿음에 의한 치유에 관심을 가져 시카고에 임시거처와 '치유실'을 마련했다. 그곳에 많은 추종자들이 몰려들자 일리노이 주 자이언에 배타적인 그리스도교 공동체를 만들었다. 그 시는 도이가 설계했으며, 1901년 주민들이 정착했다. 교직자들이 상공업을 통제했고, 도이는 총감독직을 맡았다. 1906년 재정적인 어려움 때문에 총감독직에서 물러났으며, 윌버 글렌 볼리바(1942 죽음)가 후임 총감독이 되었다. 이 교회는 자이언 시에서 강력한 세력으로 존속했지만, 결국 다른 기업체와 교회들도 영입하지 않을 수 없었다. 

The Christian Catholic Church is biblically conservative and has stressed millennialist teachings. It has remained small, but congregations have been established in other cities, and foreign mission work is carried on. The church has become known for the Passion play that it has presented annually since 1935.


크리스천 가톨릭 교회는 성서에 대해 보수적 태도를 취하고, 천년왕국 가르침을 강조했다. 이 교회는 여전히 소수 종파로 남아 있지만, 다른 도시들에서도 교회가 설립되었고 해외선교도 수행하고 있다. 1935년 이후 매년 공연하는 '수난극'으로 유명하다.


Dowie, John Alexander (b. May 25, 1847, Edinburgh--d. March 9, 1907, City of Zion, Ill., U.S.), U.S. evangelist and faith healer who founded the Christian Catholic Church and the City of Zion.

Dowie moved with his family to Australia as a boy but returned to Edinburgh to study theology. He entered the Congregational ministry in 1870 as a pastor in Alma, Australia, and spent the next several years campaigning against the use of tobacco and alcohol. From a personal experience of healing he developed an interest in spiritual healing and eventually founded the International Divine Healing Association.

In 1888 he went to the U.S. After receiving little attention in San Francisco, he settled in Chicago. There he became increasingly successful as an evangelist and healer and won every one of nearly a hundred suits brought against him by doctors and clergymen who opposed his practices. In 1896 he founded the Christian Catholic Church, which emphasized spiritual healing but otherwise differed little from the more millennialist of the Protestant churches. In 1901 he established the City of Zion on the shore of Lake Michigan, about 40 miles north of Chicago, with about 5,000 of his followers. In the same year he proclaimed himself Elijah the Restorer and, later, First Apostle of the church. He ruled the community as a theocracy, forbade physicians' offices, dance halls, theatres, drugstores, and smoking and drinking. Various industries were begun and the town prospered, with Dowie in sole control of the businesses. Zion's commercial success was increasingly jeopardized, however, by Dowie's several expensive and futile trips, first to New York to convert the city in 1903 and next to Mexico to establish the "Zion Paradise Plantation." Opposition to his fiscal irresponsibility (and to alleged polygyny) led to his removal in 1906 and his replacement by Wilbur Voliva, a trusted friend whom he had earlier named temporary head of the church.


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