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Nobel PEACE Prize Winners 

노벨 평화상 수상자

Cremer, Sir (William) Randal 


Cremer, Sir (William) Randal (b. March 18, 1838, Fareham, Wiltshire, Eng.--d. July 22, 1908, London), British trade unionist and pacifist who won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1903 for his advocacy of international arbitration.

In 1860 he was one of the founders of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners. He was secretary of the British section of the International Working Men's Association (First International) but resigned because of a dispute with another leader. During the Franco-German War (1870-71) he formed a workingmen's committee to advocate British neutrality. This group developed into the Workmen's Peace Association, of which Cremer was secretary until his death. Cremer was a member of the House of Commons from 1885 to 1895 and from 1900 to 1908. He was knighted in 1907.


크리머 (Sir (William) Randal Cremer)

1838. 3. 18 잉글랜드 윌트셔 페어럼~1908. 7. 22 런던.

영국의 노동조합운동가·평화주의자.

국제중재를 주창한 공로로 1903년 노벨 평화상을 받았다. 1860년 목수 및 소목 통합협회(Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners) 창설에 참가했으며, 국제노동자협회(제1인터내셔널) 영국지부 서기로 선출되었지만 다른 지도자와의 의견 차이를 이유로 사임했다. 독일-프랑스 전쟁(1870~71)중에는 영국의 중립성을 주장하는 노동자위원회를 결성했다. 이 조직은 노동자평화협회로 발전했고, 그는 죽을 때까지 이 단체의 서기를 맡았다. 1885~95, 1900~08년에 하원의원을 지냈고, 1907년에 기사작위를 받았다.



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