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Nobel PEACE Prize Winners 

노벨 평화상 수상자

Le Duc Tho

르 둑 토

Le Duc Tho, original name PHAN DINH KHAI (b. Oct. 14, 1911, Nam Ha province, Vietnam--d. Oct. 13, 1990, Hanoi), Vietnamese politician and corecipient in 1973 (with Henry Kissinger) of the Nobel Prize for Peace, which he declined.

Le Duc Tho was one of the founders of the Indochinese Communist Party in 1930. For his political activities he was imprisoned by the French in 1930-36 and 1939-44. After his second release he returned to Hanoi in 1945 and helped lead the Viet Minh, the Vietnamese independence organization, as well as a revived communist party called the Vietnam Workers' Party. He was the senior Viet Minh official in southern Vietnam until the Geneva Accords of 1954. From 1955 he was a member of the Politburo of the Vietnam Workers' Party, or the Communist Party of Vietnam, as it was renamed in 1976. During the Vietnam War (1955-75) Tho oversaw the Viet Cong insurgency that began against the South Vietnamese government in the late 1950s. He carried out most of his duties during the war while in hiding in South Vietnam.

Tho is best known for his part in the cease-fire of 1973, when he served as special adviser to the North Vietnamese delegation to the Paris Peace Conferences, 1968-73. He eventually became his delegation's principal spokesman, in which capacity he negotiated the cease-fire agreement that led to the withdrawal of the last American troops from South Vietnam. It was for this accomplishment that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Tho oversaw the North Vietnamese offensive that overthrew the South Vietnamese government in 1975, and he played a similar role in the first stages of Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia in 1978. He remained a member of the Politburo until 1986.

르 둑 토 (黎德壽, Le Duc Tho).

본명은 Phan Dinh Khai.

1911. 10. 14 베트남 남하~.1999. 10. 13 하노이

베트남의 정치가.

1973년 헨리 키신저와 함께 노벨 평화상 공동수상자로 지명되었으나 거절했다. 1930년 인도차이나 공산당의 창당 일원이었으며 정치적 활동 때문에 프랑스 정부에 의해 투옥되었으나 1940년 중국으로 탈출했다. 1945년 하노이로 돌아와 공산당인 베트남 노동당 재건과 독립운동 단체인 베트민을 창설하는 데 기여했다. 1955년부터 베트남 노동당의 정치국에서 일했고 1976년부터는 노동당에서 공산당으로 명칭이 바뀐 베트남 공산당 정치국의 일원이 되었다. 1968~73년 파리 평화회담에 월맹측 대표단 특별 고문으로 파견되어 1973년 베트남 종전을 위해 활약한 것으로 유명하다. 나중에는 대표단의 수석 대변인이 되었다.




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