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평화주의 (平和主義)


Organized Marches Taking Place in Dozens of Cities


MARCH 26, 1966


This article about early protests against the Vietnam War reveals the widespread resistance that existed to United States involvement in the war, especially among the nation's youth. The spelling of "Vietnam" varies from current standards.


From Post-Dispatch Wire Services

New York, March 26?Demonstrators march in dozens of cities today to protest against American involvement in the war in Viet Nam.

The marches, which began yesterday, are another organized weekend of demonstrations billed as "International Days of Protest."

Demonstrations occurred yesterday in cities across the country. Twenty persons were arrested in Boston and Chicago.

There were draft card burnings in Ann Arbor, Mich.

At Berkeley, Calif., United Nations Ambassador Arthur Goldberg good-humoredly rode through a stormy day at the University of California yesterday.

He twice defended United States policy on Viet Nam. Berkely is a citadel of opposition to that policy. Several hundred persons out of a crowd of several thousands walked out of the Greek amphitheater when he received an honorary degree. Several hundred others remained to wave anti-Viet Nam placards while he spoke.

9-to-1 Opposed

He later debated Viet Nam policy with faculty opponents while a silent crowd of thousands watched in Harmon gymnasium. A standing vote after his appearance showed that the crowd opposed U.S. policy in Southeast Asia by about a 9-to-1 margin.

In his address, Goldberg suggested that the Viet Namese conflict, although a tragedy, could lead to a future where men no longer feared "the obsessive risk of annihilation."

He said the chief aim of U.S. military action in Viet Nam was to establish the principle that guerrilla warfare "fanned and fed from outside, is as impermissible a means for settling international disputes as any other form of violence."

He said that the United States "must be and will be prepared to accept their (the people of Viet Nam) judgment" in any free election.

"If ... the South Viet Namese people vote for the Viet Cong?or for a coalition?or for any other particular outcome, we must be and will be prepared to accept their judgment."

Fifth Avenue Parade

One of the biggest demonstrations today is in New York City, where there will be a parade down Fifth Avenue.

Speakers at an afternoon rally at Central Park mall will include Dr. Linus Pauling: Israeli "peace pilot" Abe Nathan; pacifist leader A. J. Muste; Donald Duncan, a former member of the Army's Green Berets in Viet Nam, and Fannie Lou Hamer, a leader of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic party.

The sponsor of the nationwide demonstrations is the National Co-ordinating Committee to End the War in Viet Nam, which has headquarters in Madison, Wis. A spokesman for the group said other protests would be held in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

One group of Florida protestors will march at Cape Kennedy, Fla. Daniel Fine, a graduate student at the University of Florida, said, "our basic appeal will be to halt killing on earth before it is discovered in outer space."

Competing Rallies

Last night in Los Angeles, competing rallies were held at the University of California in Los Angeles, with the group favoring American policy outnumbering the anti-Viet Nam demonstrators about three to one.

Police arrested 11 young persons in Boston for loitering and blocking traffic in a sit-down demonstration in front of the Boston Army base.

An 18-year-old high school dropout tried to burn his draft card, but was unable to get it lighted. He tore it up as police dragged him off.

In Chicago, nine Roosevelt University students were arrested when they sat down on a sidewalk in front of a firm that developed the Selective Service aptitude tests. Sixty-five persons from the Students for a Democratic Society picketed the firm.

More than a hundred University of Michigan students picketed the Selective Service headquarters at Ann Arbor. One youth burned a draft card. He later told police that it was outdated. He produced a valid card and police did not arrest him.

Three persons were arrested?including the brother of an American serviceman killed in Viet Nam last Jan. 2. Earl Flores Mcintire, 18 years old, of Ann Arbor, and a companion were accused of jumping from a car and tearing into demonstrators marching on selective service headquarters. One of the demonstrators was arrested with them and all three were released on bond.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 26, 1966.



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